Contemporary Dance Research

Performance using dance movements, from 15s to 15min, 2017.

Dance materials, for example in that version here:
- Some movements of Spanish Dance by Trisha Brown
- Some movements of Drumming 2012 by Anne Teresa De Keersmaker
- Some movements of Out of Context for Pina by Alain Platel / Cie C de la B
- Some movements of Cédric Andrieux by Jérôme Bel / Cédric Andrieux / Merce Cunningham
- Some movements of BiT by Maguy Marin
- 6 spotlights
- 2 fluorescent tubes
- Relay and arduino cards
- Extracts from the soundtrack of the above selected choreographies
- A javascript program (you can play with it here)

- Launch the lights and the sounds at the same time.
- Every 15 seconds, the light and the sound will change, so just listen the music, and dance the corresponding movements

- Learn and understand some famous movements by famous choreographer
- How to change his dance/body quality instantly every 15 seconds?
- Think about transition, is dance in the movements or between the movements?