Choreography based on 9 movements.


The 9 movements are placed in a table, and we run the table in 9 directions.
Stop and duration depends of the movements.
The place/scene is a square of 1.5m.
So here is the choreography to get 9 movements per line:
A / A_B / A_B_C / C_B_A
D / D_E / D_E_F / F_E_D
G / G_H / G_H_I / I_H_G
A / A_D / A_D_G / G_D_A
B / B_E / B_E_H / H_E_B
C / C_F (tour) / C_F_I / I_F_C
A / A_E / A_E_I / I_E_A
G / G_E / G_E_C / C_E_G

For instance, i used:
- A = right knee flexion, body straight, so follows the flexion.
- B = reaction on left foot on the ground, with torsion and 2 arms-hands straight to the ground.
- C = land on right foot, body-head forward with right side front, hand and arm above thigh.
- D = left elbow up with a glance above the left shoulder.
- E = left front corner, on right foot, plié, left foot up as a bourré, and 2 half circles with hands form inside to outside, center at elbows.
- F = on right foot, small front arc circle on the ground with left foot (rond de jambe).
- G = plexus up, eyes up, arms along the body with opening hands to outside.
- H = hands pull down, straight and parallel, body follows, sqwat, and rise up to the sky.
- I = hands-arms go down, reaction with the body from the feet as a small straight and parallel jump.